Moench Method Bodywork

Ken Moench, LMT, MTI began his career in healthcare in the late 1980’s when he decided he wanted to help people get healthy and well…faster than ever before. Several roadblocks, twists and turns steered him from the path to Physical Therapy towards Massage Therapy where he developed the P&M Myofascial Release Technique, now known as Moench Method Bodywork.

Over 30 years, 4 children and 9 grandchildren since he began this journey and he is excited to share what he has discovered about the cause of so many of the conditions that cause so much pain throughout our world, how we can prevent them from occurring and how we can treat them NOW! Ken currently resides in Austin, Texas where he has one of his three treatment centers. (The second is in Round Rock, Texas…just north of Austin and the third is in Cedar Park, Texas, just west of Round Rock). 

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