Hustle and Bustle in Cedar Park


What’s all of that chatter about the new big building in Cedar Park? It’s The Crossover! The Crossover is a 200,000+ square foot building that offers sports, wellness and entertainment to your community.

Within The Crossover, we have two full-sized ice rinks, an indoor turf field, an outdoor turf field, an IV bar, a sports performance gym, a family gym, physical therapy, a dance studio and much more. This facility was a dream come true for developers Eric and Rachel Perardi of Perardi Development. They wanted to design a family friendly building for the area.

Let me ask you this, parents/guardians: How many hours a week do you spend running one kid to soccer and the other to baseball? Don’t you just wish that you had some kid-free time? The Crossover is the perfect place to accomplish your goals and have that “me”  time! You can drop both kids off at ice skating lessons, hockey practice, dance, soccer or football and get an hour or so to yourself! We have a “Warm Room” on the second floor to sit back, relax, read a book or catch up on all of those work emails that keep piling up. If you’re one of those that says, “I’d love to work out, but I just don’t have the time, because the kids are in so many activities”, then The Crossover is a solution. You can work out at D1 Training or Truth Family Fitness while the kids are in their activities, which means no more excuses for putting your health and wellness aside.

Well, it looks like we’ll be seeing you here soon! There are directories all around the building, but if you can’t find the specific business that you’re looking for, just ask a friendly staff member. When you walk through our  double doors, you and your family will  be greeted with a smile and guided in the right direction. 

Talk soon, 
The Crossover Family

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